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Blender can be named one of the wonders of the kitchen appliances. And, without doubt, is the most important assistant in the production of live cuisine. Grind the seeds and nuts, whip delicious smoothies, desserts and cocktails, wonderful cook creams and sauces - this is not an exhaustive list of tasks that help to cope blender. Of course, you can do without it. But with the help of a blender to prepare a lot easier, faster and more convenient, and the choice of food is almost limitless! So, how to choose a blender? And this is not an idle question! Go to any hardware store - just my head is spinning from the abundance of models and features that they promise for a more or less reasonable price Let's understand what a blender is right for you - to please yourself a variety of dishes of live cuisine. The main question to ask yourself before buying: "For what purpose, I want to buy a blender? 'And the answer to be guided in the selection of this wonderful instrument, because it is more expensive does not always mean better. It is important to choose a good mate, but not useless toy that will gather dust in the closet.

There are three types of blenders: the stationary, -pogruzhnye, Fixed-combination. Stationary blender It is a bowl on a stand with a bowl at the bottom of fixed knives. This blender is intended for whipping and cooking a variety of liquid drinks. Examples of green smoothies, which are conveniently prepared using stationary blender: Green cocktail of youth with grapes and spirulina Green cocktail with pineapple Green cocktail with spirulina Some models allow you to chop ice, which naturally increases the cost. When choosing this type of blender important foundation - than it is wider and more durable (plastic or metal), the more stable the blender and when working at high speeds you do not have to catch it all over the kitchen table surface. Another important selection criterion - capacity.

I advise you to buy a model with a capacity of not less than 600 watts - the more, the better - it will grind rigid stalks of grass and to do marvelous green smoothies without difficulty. And how and why they do I will tell you. This option, as the speed setting - is important, but most of the speed is used very rarely, but the choice of the pulse will allow you to receive additional processing power by adding a quick Pulses. blender cup can be made of plastic or glass. Glass bowls - more resistant to scratches, suitable for washing in the dishwasher and have a long service life, but at the same time is very hard and can crack with careless use. Think about what you want the volume of the cup. Tiring to prepare a large amount of a cocktail of several visits, but also not advisable to mix a cocktail glass in a two-liter bowl of a blender. At the same time, keep in mind that the total volume and useful volume - it's not the same thing. Useful volume is usually less than the total 300 ml.

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 By conditional downside stationary blender is the fact that it takes a lot of space in the kitchen and is ill-suited for chopping vegetables and nuts. Immersion blender This nozzle or, as it is called - "foot." It can work in any containers, but, depending on the model, it can be equipped with its own bowl. It is compact and does not take up much space. Suitable for the preparation of a small amount of chopped vegetables and mixtures thereof, as well as purees and sauces. Examples of dishes live kitchen, which is conveniently prepared using an immersion blender: Cucumber soup Green cocktail sauce for fruit salads Ketchup In addition, this blender is required when a baby and need to quickly cook small portions of fresh mashed potatoes. When choosing a submersible blender note to head - "leg" - was at the bottom of the hole - so you achieve more uniform mixing. The material from which the nozzle may be made metal or plastic. Plastic - cheaper and reduce the contact surface of fruits and vegetables with a metal surface. At the same time, they are more durable and less brittle. The disadvantages of this type of blender should include limited functionality, and the fact that during the operation it is necessary to keep in their hands. Combined blender This blender combines features of the two previous types, and has additional nozzle, increasing its capacity. Depending on the model, it can be: chopper, knife for chopping ice, whisk, and others. I use a combination blender - it does not take up much space, it allows to grind nuts and cook a variety of dishes. Examples of dishes live kitchen for cooking which is convenient to use a combination blender:


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Syroedchesky living bread cake "Magic" on agar Fruit baskets When you select a combination blender note the presence of a function grinding of solid products - it is necessary to grind nuts and sprouted grains. Be sure to ask about the seller-adviser and see the instructions. The main criterion - the power. It makes sense to buy a model with a capacity of at least 600 watts. Since low power devices will allow you to mix only soft fruit. Of all the tips, most often I use a container with S-shaped blades for chopping. With their help, I am preparing a major amount of dishes and preparations. Sometimes - "leg", mainly for making smoothies and cocktails homogeneous. And very rarely - whisk for whipping. Please consider this - perhaps additional nozzle will not be necessary. In addition, in my blender only two speeds - and that I also quite enough. Personally, I have not found shortcomings in its combination blender and sincerely love him to conditional downside can be attributed only to the fact that during the operation it is necessary to hold in their hands. My opinion



So, if you want to know my opinion about how to choose a blender cooking cuisine alive, I think - you need to watch models combined blender, as this blender has the widest functionality. The main attention should be paid to capacity. And the other criteria as well as cost and brand - depending on your individual preferences. P.S. Waiting for your comments - whether useful information for you in this article that all important points I noted, if you bought a blender? Or maybe you have long been using a blender and you have comments and preferences? Please write about this later - very important to me your opinion. P.P.S More recently, taking part in the next contest, I met with an excellent online store technology for raw foodists - - and so they have a good selection of blenders at very reasonable prices. Look for them, before you decide to purchase!